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    * New Town *
    MRT  Ciaotou Township Office progressively promotes the Project on the landscape outlines of the entire Ciaotou Township through the participation from the public; including the reconstruction of the ancient street by Ciaotou Township MRT station; the broadening of Taiwan route one, reconstruction of the Sugar Factory Park, the green road network project for Ciaotou City; the broadening of Sinsing Road; the broadening of circumferential road for Fuan Brige; construction of Ciaotou retail market of Kaohsiung County; construction of memorial pagoda and funeral parlor; environmental enhancement project for the sidewalks for Ciaotou senior and primary schools; project on image of south entrance for Ciaotou Tow which bring to the Ciaotou residents with a park-like living environment superior than other townships.
    Image of Entrance A corner of the square
    * Reconstruction of traditional street *
    Hand imprintsReconstruction of streets  The traditional street is close to Ciaotou Sugar Factory and the Sugar Museum; in order to exhibit the surrounding scenery of Ciaotou Township MRT station, this engineering project is to remove the entire route and separately rebuild the pedestrian and vehicle paths, in the hopes of combining the local cultural and touring resources; and to create the commercial district for this township by preserving the characteristic of Ciaotou snack foods, and changing the name from Ciaotou Ancient Street to Ciaotou Siaodianzai Street.o musical platform, traditional train engine, tennis court, basketball court facing into the green farm on the opposite side of the road, making it an excellent place to go for recreational activities.
    Square Pedestrian walk  
    * Public market *
      After the broadening of Taiwan route one, the original market building was dilapidated; however, Chong-Ming volunteered to fight for funds from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to reconstruct the public market. After reconstruction, the magnificent Ciaotou new market is a safe, hygienic, neat and well-lit structure.
    Prior to construction During construction Lifting steel structure
    * Funeral and interment facility *
      In order for the deceased to return to their hometown, Chong-Ming fought for the funds and land from the central and Kaohsiung governments, in order to transform the memorial pagoda into five-star architecture; it was completed in 2009, and formally began operation in 2010.
    Administrative center Hall Ritual Hall
    * Happy flower field *
    The crowdsDistrict Mayor  The invitation of autumn tied with the golden wind is passed out to all places in the country, which invites people to come and participate in the most beautiful Happy flower field banquet, as it is the beginning of the splendid world painted in Ciaotou Township when the autumn wind turns the leaves yellow.
      The township office specially organized Happy flower field event annually during the second fallow period for crops, in order to build the agricultural ecology, and to create the honor of being the Floral Township. Everyone seems to be a fairy when standing in the European-style flower fields; furthermore, different blessing patterns are designed with the application of different colored flowers to turn the journey even more magical. The carnival is the prologue to the most outstanding local performances, which exhibit the most beautiful characteristics of Ciaotou Township.
    Happy flower field Parade Cycling in Happy flower field 
    MRT Zihbao Bridge MRT
    * Golden Sugarcane Film Festival *
    Opening of Golden Sugarcane Film Festival  The most bustling event of Ciaotou Township is the Golden Sugarcane Film Festival, which is held before Chinese New Year holiday every year. This locally established film festival is the first in the movie history to Film on site, Produce on site and Award on site; within the duration of one week, 20 filming teams from all places appear here in the streets and alleys, competing for the first prize of 100 thousand dollars. Ciaotou Township transformed into a gigantic film site with some people cooking for the team members, some people lending out places and some even became temporary actors/actresses. During the seven days of stationing here, each team is faced with ultimate challenges, and has produced numerous short video clips revolving around the local characteristics, heartwarming, funny and scary emotions in the past few years, such that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Ciaotou.
    Film festival advert County Mayor District Mayor
    * Image of Entrance *
      It will be located on a ㄇ-shaped structure by Taiwan route one at the intersection of Kaohsiung County and City, where the “Rainbow Bridge” at the south entrance of this township is the achievement accomplished by Chong-Ming, and it became the new key entrance to Sinshih Village, as well as the new landmark for Ciaotou; furthermore, it also enriched the visual image of the road.
    Chief of township inspecting the engineering project on the image of the entrance During Construction  
    After completion Night view