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    * Township Office *
    Township Office      The Administrative Center for Ciaotou Township is composed of the Township Office Building, Household Registration Office and the Public Health Center; where as in the courtyard is the artificial landscape of Yunguei Bridge.
    * Bamboo Grove Park *
          Bamboo Grove ParkThis is the first bamboo grove park in Taiwan; it is adjacent to the Township Office with an area of 2.4 hectares. Bamboo Grove Park has various types of bamboo from the subtropical zone to the frigid zone; there are also musical platform, ancient train engine, tennis court, basketball court facing into the green farm on the opposite side of the road, making it an excellent place to go for recreational activities.
    * Shueiliou (Waterflow) Village *
           Shueiliou (Waterflow) VillageIt used to flood here all the time after each heavy rainfall, therefore each household would remove the mud walls quickly prior to the heavy rainfalls, leaving only the lighter bamboo structure, where they can actually carry their “homes” to seek refuge.

    Shueiliou (Waterflow) VillageFor a long period of time, Shueiliou (Waterflow) Village cultural and humanistic association has been collecting cultural and humanistic histories, legends, industry cultural characteristics and ecological landscapes etc. from various villages in Ciaotou. Besides learning the construction of traditional bamboo houses from the masters, the Shueiliou Village Theater composed of villagers who have passion for performance also present the stories of the village on the platform to convey the spirit of Shueiliou Village.
    * 1114 Memorial Park *
    1114 Memorial Park1114 Memorial Park      This park is located on the side of  the Three-Kings-Temple. Sande Village was known as Lioubanjhang (Six Squad Leaders), and this park was established in memory of the victims from the Japanese genocide incident during 1898; it is an expression of maintaining the traditional beliefs without forgetting the local history.

    * Faith for Three-Kings-Temple *
         The Ciaotou  Three- Kings- Temple is a distinguished temple with a history of more than three centuries; the three lords each had a major temple as follows: Temple of the first lord – Three Kings Temple; Temple of the second lord – Jioujiawei Yishan Temple; Temple of the third lord – Three-Kings Temple. Even though these three temples have been renovated, they are still worthy of being visited, as the historical relics of the ancient temples are properly preserved for the later generations to see.
                               Faith for Three Kings Temple
    * Three- Kings- Temple(Enshrinement of the first lord Mingshanlian) *


    Three Kings TempleAncient EpitaphIt was last renovated in 1972, with the proper preservation of the stage and the walls; it also preserved the ancient epitaph on the wall from the 2nd year of Sianfong Era (1852), which is the most historical ancient stele existing within this township.


    * Jioujiawei Yishan Temple (Enshrinement of the second lord Jinshanjhao) *
    Wood sculpture in the form of Eight TrigramsJioujiawei Yishan Temple    The renovation was completed in 2002, with an area of 1653 square meters and a height of 33 meters; it is the largest Temple of the Three Kings Temple in the Southeast Asia, and hanging on top of the temple is the renowned horizontal board inscribed with “Chao Ling Dong Jhen” from the era of Qinglong.

    * Three-Kings-Temple (Enshrinement of the third lord Dushanciao) *
    Three-King TempleAllegedly, the beard of the third lord statue worshipped in the temple continues to grow.